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FAITH AUTOMOTIVE (Fixing Automotives in Truth & Honesty)

     We are a automotive repair facility basing repairs and operations on biblical principals and goal of helping others. There is a need to help those who can not afford to pay for the overpricing of automotive repairs. The average repair facility will mark up prices 2-3 times the cost. So if they pay $50.00 for a part, you as a customer will pay an average of $150 for that part. We are here to help all those that we can, doing an honest job for a honest price, working for our customers and not for a corporation.

     Our facility is used to help those in training to work on cars as an educational facility. We also take old donated cars in any condition for training purposes and then donate the cars to a family in need. Our goal is to help those in need, by providing affordable services, while also helping those who need assistance. While at the same time spreading the great news of our Lord and all he has given us.